Meeting fluctuating Epic resource demands is challenging. The IT industry suffers from one of the largest talent shortages among the entire workforce, so finding and retaining top talent is an uphill battle in itself. Then once you have your Epic support team in place, balancing flexing workloads and maintenance versus innovative work becomes a bigger headache than you may have anticipated.

By partnering with Alidade Group’s FlexForce program, you can break out out of the constraints of temporary staffing and/or consulting services to reach optimal productivity and efficiently meet your health system’s IT needs. You only pay for Epic support when you need it.

Compared to managing IT business requirements internally, FlexForcing all or some functions with Alidade Group provides the following benefits:

  • Smooths out the peaks and valleys of resource needs
  • Eliminates the difficulty of hiring and retaining Epic support staff
  • Reduces the spend on non-strategic activity and enables the IT group to focus on the core business and strategic activities leading to an increased focus on innovation versus maintenance
  • Assists with keeping up with software releases and patches
  • Increases the level of support without adding additional staff
  • Makes the IT budget more stable and predictable
  • Extension of your team: knowledge of your environment and team
  • Reduction of the support ticket backlog and/or time-to-resolution

Our Team of Epic Certified Experts Cover:

  • Inpatient: ASAP, Stork, Clin Doc, Orders
  • Outpatient: Ambulatory, Home Health & Hospice, Healthy Planet, MyChart, Phoenix
  • Ancillary: Optime, Anesthesia, Beacon, Beaker, Cupid, Radiant, Willow, Wisdom, Bone
  • Revenue Cycle/Patient Access: Grand Central, Prelude, Cadence, Bedtime, HIM, Resolute HB, Resolute PB
  • Enterprise Architecture: Bridges, Cache, Cogito, Caboodle, Reporting Workbench, Security

Our Services Include:

  • Tier 2+ Support Requests
  • Micro Projects
  • Support for Strategic Projects

How it Works:

  • Select the appropriate level of monthly support based on your anticipated needs (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • An Alidade Group expert will provide requested expert services on a time basis
  • Your Service Delivery Manager (SDM) will be responsible for ensuring the service request is delivered on a timely basis and the appropriate resources are allocated
  • Expert on demand services can be delivered on-site, or remotely

Not sure how many hours you’ll need?
Sign up for any level of subscription and upgrade or downgrade anytime you need it. If you don’t use all of your hours, they roll over month to month. If you need more hours but don’t want to upgrade you can book more at discounted rate your subscription provides.

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