Clinics are struggling to achieve operational efficiency while physician utilization is leading to low levels of satisfaction and burnout. Meanwhile, patient counts dip lower and lower as clinical teams struggle to keep pace.

Through Alidade Group’s Clinical Refresh service, our team can evaluate clinic productivity and utilization, uncovering ways to improve system use and configuration in order to improve clinic throughput, physician satisfaction levels and data quality.

Our Process

  • Interview physicians
  • Survey clinic and IT support staff
  • Observe and review clinic workflows
  • Develop lists of quick wins and system development requirements
  • Review findings with clinic and agree to next steps
  • Assist with the development of training materials and provide train the trainer instructions
  • Document build requirements and possible build out POC

What We Deliver

  • In-depth interviews with physicians and staff
  • Observation and review of clinical workflows
  • Results of survey, meetings and observations, including all perceived issues with workflow and system
  • List of non-system build issues with solutions to implement through training and process change
  • List of system build requirements ranked by organization’s guidelines to scoring issues
  • Plan and budget for implementing a defined scope of system solutions
  • Cultivation of training materials and instruction guidelines