100 percent certified local talent, no certification costs, no travel expenses, no cost-to-convert.

Your selection of Epic provides an opportunity to impact your hospital’s outcomes and costs – with that comes big budget, big expectations and big risk.

Your success rests upon building the right implementation team. However, standard hiring techniques – the matching of resumes and job descriptions – provides you only a small chance of finding the right teammate.

You need a partner to help you dig deeper into candidates to screen more effectively and build high-productivity teams from both internal and external talent.

AlidadeDirect is a unique workforce solution designed to reduce the risks of an Epic implementation through our analytics-based hiring method. We identify the profile of top performers in your organization and then qualify external candidates who fit your corporate culture and match those aptitudes and competencies. AlidadeDirect delivers certified talent at 40 percent of the cost of a traditional Epic consultant and allows you to convert those resources to a permanent role at the end of the contract. Together, we create a team of high-performing individuals who can help ensure your Epic implementation is seamless.

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